Speckldey and Bluebell questions .

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Speckldey and Bluebell questions .

Post by jackian »

We got two new girls in January who were 15 weeks old who are just lovely and settled in with our other girls with out a problem so now they are about 7 months old . but a few questions please.
The Speckldey Shadow is laying well nearly every day and is quite a placid girl but I think she is going broody .She is fit and well but does not like coming out of the nest box. have never really had a broody chicken before and I am assuming this is the case. Isn't this a bit young ?
The Bluebell Bluebell is doing just well and has settled in well but she is the most nervous chicken I have ever seen. She FR with the others all day and mixes well although she is bottom chick. She will not let me any where near her at all and hides under a bush when I go into the garden . If I scatter meal worms for example she will wait until I have gone indoors before she dives in . (if there are any left)I have never picked her up since I have had her .
I have tried everything ,chatted to her from a distance ,tried to lure her by getting her into a corner but she panics .

They are both nervous even after all this time ,but the Speckldey not quite so much..Could it be anything to do with the farm they were from ?

Any advice gratefully accepted .

Jackie x
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Re: Speckldey and Bluebell questions .

Post by KathJ »

Hi Jackie, we have a Bluebelle who was just the same. We've had her for two years in August but at the beginning she was just like your girl. She's better now but still doesn't really get involved in the scrum for treats and would rather hang back (by then there isn't much left {cry} ). We are able to pick her up now but she's still quite nervous. She's a bit of a loner and is always last and few minutes behind the other three in whatever they're doing. I think you just have to persevere and gain her trust, it seems to be an ongoing process. We also have a Speckledy but haven't had any experience of her going broody.
Kath xx

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Re: Speckldey and Bluebell questions .

Post by lancashire lass »

Well my Bluebelle is completely different - she is the bully of the flock, a bum feather eater, pounces on all the treats and knocks the others out of the way to get to them first, and her beak is like a pneumatic drill as she can't eat the mealworms and sweetcorn fast enough before the others get to them.

As for people friendliness, she keeps a wide berth from me (except when I turn up with the treat tub, then she has a habit of flying up at me when I open the run gate) She is also a bit of a madam, likes to appear aloof and brave especially when an opportunity to escape the run is presented (until that is I drop some treats in the run and then there is a mad scramble to get to them first LOL - she has knocked the drinker and feeder flying on more than one occasion)
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Re: Speckldey and Bluebell questions .

Post by Benny&Co »

Our Betty's a Bluebelle and she's the friendliest little hen we've ever had {hug}

Give yours time Jackian {hug}
Bev x
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Re: Speckldey and Bluebell questions .

Post by Mo »

The broodiness is an instinct that breeders have tried to get rid of. Thinking about wild birds, they lay a clutch of eggs then sit and hatch them. There would be no point otherwise. So hens ought to go broody a couple of weeks after they've started laying.
I was surprised when one of my first hens did just that. I didn't realise what was happening so I tried not to disturb her while laying, and left her with eggs under her. The second year I took away all the eggs quickly, fishing underneath her (even if I needed a board between me and her beak) and turfing her out of the nest. She was over it in half the time.
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