rehome filmed

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rehome filmed

Post by sandy »

We did a rehome for bhwt on jan 11 , the hens were from a battery farm but were in surprisingly good feather condition which was a bit of a shame as the bbc came to film us yike* They were filming for over 3 and half hours , we were going to have. spot on our local tv channel on the monday night. My godaughter was so excited(she is part of our rehoming team and very good at it too) she told all her friends...and then we had the news we would be on the facing book page for the local station, a whole 2 minutes! It was quite good but Tianna wasnt shown and thank god not me which was quite impossible anyway as i scuttled away and cleaned out the crates
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Re: rehome filmed

Post by KarenE »

A film crew????

Ahem - let me get my wig straight and I'll be ready for my close up, Mr De Mille!!!

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