Privale lives of chickens

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Privale lives of chickens

Post by Mo » I don't know if it's a repeat - it seems to be part of a series and I know I watched the one about cats some years ago (ah, maybe that was secret lives).
I recorded it and watched the beginning - the bit about pecking order.
Not sure how much of the programme will be new to those of us who keep / have kept hens obsessively and discussed all their doings here.
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Re: Privale lives of chickens

Post by Gwenoakes »

Not seen that one, Mo.
I did watch a programme last night, think it was on channel 5 about spring farms. Was about lambs, goats, calves and even llamas being born, I really enjoyed it.
I have 2 Campines who have up till the last few weeks been very laid back and respectful of the other 5 chickens. Now one of them is a b.gger going after the others, even getting on top of them, just to reinforce what she wants them to do.
Nothing has changed, i.e. feeding, numbers, no new ones added or no deaths and I cannot really figure it out. She gives a hefty peck to them as well, so not as subtle as the ones in the clip.

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