Soft shell egg

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Soft shell egg

Post by AlexNorton »

Hi all,

We had a intact soft shell egg this morning, have had them in the past but usually broken by the time I get to them, my question is this, would the actual yolk and white still be ok to eat or not?

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Re: Soft shell egg

Post by Mo »

The shell protects the egg from bacteria, so I suppose it depends how clean it is. I wouldn't eat it if there was any dirt on it. I might use it in baking but I wouldn't eat it partly cooked (lightly boiled poached or fried). When you say soft do you mean just a membrane or a thin shell?
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Re: Soft shell egg

Post by KarenE »

If the shell was intact it should be fine, but as per Mo's point about whether there's any dirt on it as the shell will be very porous. I usualy feed softies back to the hens, they love them!

if you're getting a few softies, it might be good to give them an extra boost of calcium and vit d. Limestone flour added tot heir feed, oyster shells, even crushed egg shels back, or zolcal D in their water. maybe add some tonic to their water or food as well. )t'
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