Has anyone a photo.......

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Has anyone a photo.......

Post by Richard »

of an Omlet Chicken Coop (any design) please ?

The reason is that Omlet Advertising isn't showing up on websites now because they've made some strange change to their coding. You may have noticed a tall blank in the right hand column appear a few weeks back.

However, I can still use a text link, so I'm looking to find a photo then put some text underneath linked to their site. It's illegal just to find one on the Net and copy it.

I don't know why they've done what they have, but their ads did help me with some money toward upkeep of DTL plus a load of work that's above my capabilities is being done externally.

I don't mind cutting you in !! But it's not much !!

Many thanks, Richard )t' )t' )t' )t'
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Re: Has anyone a photo.......

Post by Gwenoakes »

Sorry Richard cannot help. Good luck with your search.
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Re: Has anyone a photo.......

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

Hi Richard , glad you seem well and writing again .
Keep safe .
Remember your travelling days , they maybe back in the Summer.
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Re: Has anyone a photo.......

Post by kitla »

I have an old photo of a cube on a 2011 post, but its covered with photobucket logos.
I was wondering, if I paid for a month of the new photobucket fee, & used that time to download all my old photos from them (98% chicken pics for dtl) is there any way I can reload the pics onto my old posts via another route? Probably not but I thought I'd ask just incase, I enjoy looking back at the pics & my chicken keeping journey on dtl & photobucket have ruined it )gr:
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