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OMG I thought I was doing so well on the rodent front. Using jeyes cleaning fluid and disinfectant around the coop run every couple of days. Not seem any mice for a long time but last evening about 6.30pm husband saw HUGE rat in the run. I had locked the girls away early and rat was just wondering around the run looking for food. I do take all bowls out at night time, but I suppose spillages do happen. Just looking for new remedies. Has anyone used garlic as a repellent with any success. Can't stand the thought of HUGE Mr. Rat anywhere near my girls (or me!!). Any further advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. yike*

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Re: Rats!!!

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I have grown mint and lavender from seed and put that in pots inside and outside of the run and up to present date, hope I am not jinxing this, have had no problems.
My ladies do dig up the pots sometimes so have a steady stream of new seeds coming up to replace with.
Before I used the above I used poison as there were no end of the big and not so big ones around and like you I did not like the idea of them being near the ladies or me for that matter.

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