Coop with a view

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Coop with a view

Post by amatureleccy »

I mentioned on another post that I have recently built a new coop for my flock.

It is roughly the same dimensions as the old coop with two perches. The top perch is adajcent to a window and I notice that they are not using it. Do you think they are unsettled by the window and would prefer something with more privacy.


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Re: Coop with a view

Post by Freeranger »

I think it might be instincts kicking in and either they feel more exposed to predators, or they are reacting to the light levels. Another possibility is that it's a little colder or draughtier there. Or maybe the lower one is just easier to get on and off? When all said and done, who can fathom the mind of a chicken?!!
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Re: Coop with a view

Post by Cheshire Chick »

Well said Freeranger 'who can fatham the mind of a chicken?' I certainly can't and I have had them now for years. I am sure your new coop is lovely, especially with a window. My old coop was built with a window in the nest box so I am sure it is not a bad thing. These girls just take their time getting used to things and don't like change or, in my experience, anything different. Be patient and they will sort themselves out. Would love to see a photo of the coop you have built. Good luck.
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Re: Coop with a view

Post by sandy »

Im sure they will settle down where they fancy in the end, they are very pedantic girls arent they {rofwl}
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Re: Coop with a view

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

My flock sit by the door looking out ,Sure they will when they want to.
as long as secure and safe inside .
The light mornings in the summer (should we ever get one may wake them up early and they maybe noise . When laying eggs they go to the dark holes and corners .

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