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About this Category

Post by Richard »


New for 2013, a chance for you to have a diary of events on your Chicken Keeping adventures.

Please have your own thread (as Vegetable Diaries), post photo's, tell us what sort of day or week you've had, let us follow your progress on any changes to your set up etc., but please post questions and problems in the other appropriate threads.

You don't have to start it 1st.Jan., if you're new to Chicken keeping, start it any time you like.

Maybe good to title it something like 'Richards Chickens 2013' or similar

So, do as you please, it's your Forum, your Diary.

Good luck!

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Re: About this Category

Post by Stef »

As soon as we get more I shall be back here to regale you all with our stupidities :-D
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My first couple of hours with my chickens

Post by wendeet »

Well, after mulling it over for such a long time, i decided to take the plunge. I been lookin at the DTL website, and it just convinced me that bit more. Anyway, went this morning to pick up three warren Point-of-Lay, brought them home to home them in a nice coop, and withing two hours they have laid and egg..........OMG, I was so excited! I think they like me to leave me a present straight away.
Here's to new friendships and hopefully, so lovely more eggs!

Re: About this Category

Post by LisaB »

Hi wendeet )wav(
Welcome to the lane!

The first egg is amazing isn't it :-D look forward to hearing more from you :)
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Re: About this Category

Post by Linda S »

Richard I would just like to say a big thankyou for starting this Diary category for us, )t' We laugh and cry and really feel as if we know each others hens and thier individual personalities and it is a pleasure to read how everyones day or week has gone.
It will also be great to be able to look back in the future and remember just why we love our girls wether they be quiet, gentle, laidback or shy or indeed cheeky naughty bad tempered or just complete nut cases :-D
One thing is certain life after chickens can never be the same again and im loving every minute of it >ch< Lindaxx
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Re: About this Category

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

Hi all , Today I am taking Simone and Evil for a van drive to have some fun in a huge garden. I have a job to do with SHMBO and whilst out change her Bandages . She may even find a few slugs that she would not have seen before.
Have a good weekend all.

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