Starting my diary

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Re: Starting my diary

Post by Cheshire Chick »

Hi Hilly, lovely to hear from you again but so sorry that you have had such a stressful and obviously upsetting time this year. I know that feeling of "I'm having no more" but it has never worked out like that (it's this addiction thing I think). Glad to hear that you are giving homes to some girls in November. Keep us updated and would love to see some photo's.

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Re: Starting my diary

Post by KarenE »

Hilly it sounds like you have had a torrid time lately, you probably need lots of {hug} {hug} {hug}

I completely understand the temptation to think 'no more' - I have done that myself. It can be so hard when they are sick and then die. But I am also very pleased that you've succumbed to the addiction that is chicken keeping and have ordered more ex working girls )app( You know it already - their lives may be too short, but my goodness they do pack joy into every single second of it. I think they could probably teach us a thing or three about living in the moment {hug}
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Re: Starting my diary

Post by sandy »

Lovely to hear from you Hilly, so sorry to hear of your losses {hug&kiss}
yes just like you and Karen I have been tempted to give up, back in 2009 i was on the brink of having my girls rehomed.
Now of course its cold, rainy and dark and who wants the trouble........
but when you realise how much pleasure your henny family gives you none of that matter.
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