Happy Christmas all hennies

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Happy Christmas all hennies

Post by sandy »

We have been left to our own devices over the festive period so a big have a lovely Christmas from The Pink Ladies and The Peds to all hennies on current diary duties and those that have lapsed xxxxx
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Re: Happy Christmas all hennies

Post by kitla »

dood1e doos from Bill of Chickenopolous. Lots of veggies thrown into our little run yesterday, yum.
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Re: Happy Christmas all hennies

Post by KarenE »

Belated Christmas wishes to all henpals, who we hope are all having a merry festive time even in spite of this disgracefully illegal lockdown we are all being forced to endure! On the plus side, we had our Christmas dinner and in a shocking treat fest, we even had CHIPS!!!! )x6( They were so good, we even almost very nearly forgave mum for our captivity. After all henpals, it is .san.jump.
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Re: Happy Christmas all hennies

Post by HenPen »

Merry Christmas Henpals all! We had Sardines as a special Christmas treat, which helped us get over the horror of having the roof of our run mucked about with for HOURS the other day, cos the temporary one mum put on was rubbish and kept blowing up.

Apparently we have to be scared of wild birds, but then if they're wild and furious they probably are quite scary.

Mum's been coming in with bags on her feet, so that gives us a bit of a larf.

I'm busy growing a lovely new wig and am hoping to share some photos of it with you soon, once I can arrange a photoshoot.

Since we are late wishing you a happy Christmas, we are going to get in early and wish you all and your Henmums and Hendads a very Happy New Year!

Wigs and Mirry
The HP Saucies

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