broken china

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broken china

Post by ChrisG »

This is a question rather than a tip.

Yesterday, I bought a really pretty vintage teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug. Without laying the blame at someone's door, the bags were clunked together on the way home and the handle of the milk jug was broken {cry}

Does anyone know the best glue (or other method) for fixing it please? I'd like it to look like it was never broken, so presumably the glue would need to be white (the colour of the handle) or clear? No idea what to use that wouldnt be too thick and leave globs of glue showing. All help appreciated.
Chris xx

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Re: broken china

Post by rhubarb93 »

I've mended china with both superglue and the flexible evo-stik type. While the latter is easier to use and you can just peel off the excess once it sets, it can soften and come apart again in hot water when you wash it. I think superglue is your best bet, but you have to position it carefully as you won't be able to correct it if you get it wrong. I'd do it soon while the surface is till fresh and clean. If it aligns well you'll barely be able to see it.
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