Grouping of the feathered migrants

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Grouping of the feathered migrants

Post by Trev62 »

The trees behind us are full of bee-eaters, the telephone line cables are full of swallows, the storks are circling above the village, golden orioles are beginning to form groups in the lime trees, the hoopoes have disappeared as have the rollers and the jays are returning from the forest in exceptionally large numbers, all signs our lovely feathered migrants will be on their way soon and we are heading into an early Autumn.
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Re: Grouping of the feathered migrants

Post by Richard »

Nice to read Trev.

I had 100+ Swallows on the Telegraph wires at the back of my garden a couple of days ago, wonderful sight.
I think they were heading to the south coast where they'll stock up before leaving for South Africa in a few weeks from now.

Although not migratory, at Oare Marshes last week and yesterday, must have been over 1,000 Starlings.

After a pretty quiet bird summer (Heard but not seen that is), it's all about to kick off.

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Re: Grouping of the feathered migrants

Post by wildlifemad »

Autumn is certainly upon us for the birds. We always know here in Warwickshire as we have flocks of 200-300 Canada Geese flying over everyday on their way to the golf course! Bet the greenkeepers love them! We have lots of House Sparrows & Goldfinch at the feeders each day but not a lot else, I think there must be plenty of food in the fields for them as the harvest has been going on the last few weeks. Lots of mixed Finch flocks on our allotment as many of us grow Sunflowers! Wouldn't mind a flock of Bee- eaters in the garden though!! We did see them for the first time this year when they (unsuccessfully) nested at a quarry in Nottinghamshire, that was my 50th Birthday present!!
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