What are folks doing to stop going stir crazy?

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What are folks doing to stop going stir crazy?

Post by fabindia »

We are now in quarantine and as only just back plenty to do for now - tidy the house and garden, etc.

My guess is most here in isolation are keeping themselves busy with what the normally do, gardening, chicken care, craft - so not much changed.
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Re: What are folks doing to stop going stir crazy?

Post by albertajune »

Not much has changed here although psychologically I feel I should be doing more. It just feels so eerie when I do go into the garden to 'hear' the quietness. I am making many more phone calls just to talk to somone as I am isolating alone. Hopefully it will turn about soon and life will gradually get back to normal, whatever that is.
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Re: What are folks doing to stop going stir crazy?

Post by wendy »

Well House is all tidy and paint work all washed.
A number of cupboards have been cleared and tidied up. Two fridges completely washed today.
One cross stitch finished

Knitted 4 baby cardigans.
Dunno what I am doing tomorrow

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Re: What are folks doing to stop going stir crazy?

Post by Richard »

Nice Wendy

I have two walks (or 'Patches' as I call them). It's only about 200 meters to the edge of the countryside, so easy for walks. I hardly see anyone where I go.

On the south side it's mainly fields, my average walk is just under 3 miles.

The north side is in the boundary of the South Down National Park.
The normal walk is around 3.5 miles but I can do a shorter or longer variation should I choose.
Mainly very narrow lanes and tracks with virtually zero traffic at any time.

I do a bit of gardening here as well, so pretty active, out for about two and a half hours a day.
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Re: What are folks doing to stop going stir crazy?

Post by Meanqueen »

I am doing pretty much the same as I always do. Only exception is I can't drive anywhere except to shop for food. A bit frustrating when I have a shiny new car. The trips out will have to wait.

I walk every day, from my door, a 2 or 3 mile walk around my village picking my times when there wont be as many people about. 9pm is a good time, don't see anyone. I have two walks of 5.5 miles each, out into the countryside, tracks, paths, quiet roads, and along field edges. Takes about 2 hours.

I sew, just cut up a double bed duvet into 9 squares and made pet beds with it. Making art when I am feeling creative. Keeping the garden tidy. Feeding 3 cats. Blogging. Entertainment with yoootooob videos. A little bit of housework, just enough. Chatting on the phone. Gazing out of the window day dreaming.

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