Not exactly a fowl

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Not exactly a fowl

Post by sandy »

Thursday morning i was driving to work when i saw a seagull in the middle lane, sat up and looking around. luckily i was approaching the motorway roundabout so came back around and rushed to the vets around the corner, they gave me a box and back i went hoping the seagull hadnt been runover yike* There he was so hazard lights on, a truck was behind me and immediately put his hazard lights on, he could see the bird from his cab. A van also pulled up by the side, he had seen the bird and did as i did and came back around. The man picked up the bird and popped him in the box in my car.
I thanked him and the truck behind who had wiggled so no one could come and overtake him.Unfortunately the gull had to be put to sleep at the vets but how lovely the van driver and truck driver were.
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Re: Not exactly a fowl

Post by Gwenoakes »

There are some lovely people about, Sandy including yourself. Well done.
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Re: Not exactly a fowl

Post by bikesandbirdsbob »

I take seagulls to the sanctuary at Orsett , Essex regularly that the lads tell me about.
They eat the rubbish on the nearby landfill and the Thames .
They have lots in the recovery areas.
Well done , you are the same minded person as SHMBO , stops for everything by the side of the roads. Including dead foxes so they do not get spread all over the roads.

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