Poor old cat

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Re: Poor old cat

Post by Mo »

I've not had a female cat before.
A tabby as a child then ginger. Black from rspca, Grey & white from a neighbour, then Pat who turned up with his brother in a friends road. No-one could find out who they belonged to, they were very friendly. My friend took Pat in, but had to rehome him because they spent half the year in their Scottish home and Pat hated travelling. So we got him on St Patrick's day (hence the name).
All neutered toms.
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Re: Poor old cat

Post by Gwenoakes »

Not long to wait now, Mo. Are you getting excited?
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Re: Poor old cat

Post by Spreckly »

Just caught up on this thread Mo. Tabither looks healthy and happy, and I am sure you will have immense pleasure once she comes to you.
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