Thai Fruit Salad

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Thai Fruit Salad

Post by fabindia »

I visited my son Josh on an island called Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee) just before I left Thailand. Phi Phi is only a very small island and he has been there about 4 years so he knows everyone and the places to eat cheap and local. We just had fruit salad for lunch every day.

Thai fruit salad is somewhat different to our UK expectations. It has the usual sort of fruits in it - grapes, green mango, melon, Thai rose apple, etc. but then other more unusual (to us) additions. They add cherry tomatoes (a fruit after all not a vegetable), a small amount of finely chopped onion, lots of chilli flakes and sugar.

Sweet and spicy at the same time.
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Re: Thai Fruit Salad

Post by albertajune »

Mmmm not sure about the onion. I do love fruit salad and to be honest , not prepared to try the onion in case it ends in the bin.
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