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Do you have Foxes in the Garden?

If you don't think so, read on..

There are two things people often say which worries experienced Chicken Keepers; 1. "I don't have any Foxes in my Garden" and 2. "At least Foxes only come out at night".

No Foxes?

The law of averages by far undoes this way of thinking. A good example of this is the photograph below. I haven't seen a Fox down the Lane for just about two years, I was around the back of the Barn next to the Chicken Run and I heard a rustle, turned around just to see a Fox had jumped over the six feet high wall from the other side. He or she saw me and trotted off past the Coop to where I know not.

There's a family living in there (2013), not 50 meters from my Chicken Run

It's when you see one you then see the evidence and sure enough, from the place where the Fox had landed there were about four separate pathways going through the long grass, all classic signs. It's when you realise this you also realise there are Foxes about, never too far away and your Flock may be at risk.

Foxes only come out at night

The above incident was at 12 noon!

As I've said in another page, I've found one sleeping in the long grass right next to my Coop. Had I had my Chickens roaming free at that time, he'd have heard and / or smelt them and I'd have been that amount short.

I've also seen a Fox actually take a Chicken of mine in broad daylight. Again I hadn't seen a Fox for month's. I was in the Garden, noticed the frightened or alert cry of the Chickens, looked up and there he was with a Chicken in his mouth and making a run for it. Luckily me chasing and shouting at him made him drop the chicken and after a few hours in shock, she was OK.

More Evidence

You will often hear Foxes barking, that's more at night time plus any screams you may hear could be the mating progress. Apparently mating is very painful to the Vixon.

Fox droppings

Look for Fox dropping as the picture. They are very dark in colour and usually quite slimey and runny.
Some people mistake Fox droppings to those of a Badger, but the Badger's are usually firmer and undigested - you'll often see nuts in it. The colour is much the same though.


Foxes are like a London Bus, if one goes for whatever reason another will follow quickly behind. We are on a losing battle if we don't want foxes in our Gardens.

It is our duty to protect our Chickens, their lifes are in our hands, we can never blame the Fox if you lose one, we can only blame yourself.

I'm afraid that's not harsh, it's a fact.

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If letting your Chickens roam free - make sure you're watching them - something else may be!

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