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Keeping your House Warm and Green

Being eco-friendly in the Loft and Walls saves you money!

Heating is paramount to most of us through most month's of the year and it's also just about our most expensive financial burden as well. The expression 'going up in smoke' is almost right.

I remember once when I worked in a DIY Store someone coming back to complain because they had put Loft Insulation in their Home and the temperature hadn't gone up at all and I guess that's the problem - it is only financially noticeable when we get out Energy Bill and realise we haven't used so much.
We aren't making the house any warmer, we are preventing the warm air we have through our heating getting out the house by basically making it harder to escape..


This is a bit like going out in the Winter with an overcoat on over a T-Shirt. Although it';s a good coat we are losing our body heat quicker, so we put a Jumper on in-between, this is what Cavity Wall Insulation does, it simply gives your Home another layer.
Mountaineers and Explorers will tell you that three smaller layers are better than two thicker ones, it's the same principle.

Professionally installed, wall insulation will reduce your heat loss by up to 60%!

The installation doesn't take long, the Builders simply drill holes in your walls at said intervals and pump the substance straight in until the cavity is full.


I mentioned earlier about the complaint ref. temperature in the customers house. Well back then (c.1975), the suggested thickness of fibre glass insulation was 2" - nowadays it's 270mm, approx. 9". Looks like each Government has come in and added a couple of inches every time! But we need that much.

Comparing it to the human body again, loft insulation is like a winter woolly hat and we know that by keeping out extremities warm, we'll benefit.

If you feel you don't want fibre glass, you can also obtain Loose Fill or Granular insulation. Obviously these are easier to install yourself.

The ultimate GREEN LOFT INSULATION is made from recycled Newspaper. A popular brand is WARMCELL

Everything adds up to an eco-friendly living experience. By having our home well insulated we are not only helping ourselves, but we are helping the Planet as well. It may not sound much, but neither does £1 a day - until it becomes £365 a year !

Note: There are Grants available to those over 70 and / or receiving certain benefits. A good starting point for investigating any benefits you may get, go to The Warm Front website

Wrap the house up like you would do to yourself - it pays !

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