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Tips for a greener Bedroom

A place for tranquility, yet a place for storage and more

If we sleep as we should, that is eight hours a day, it means we spend one third of our lives sleeping in a bedroom (teenagers being the main exception to the rule of course!!). So it's certainly a place where we want quiet, peace of mind, a comfortable setting and free from the noise and pollution we get elsewhere during a working day.

I have to say that when I see all the safety laws set out now, such as lead based paint etc. I'm surprised my briothers, sisters and myself are still here - and that was in the days of smog! However, all those things did play a part in degenerating health and certainly caused problems with our world, so I say it in jest!


For the sake of our environment, according to experts we should use 'non volatile organic compounds'. Well, I don't know what the answer would be from your average DIY Superstore Salesperson, but for us mere mortals, we need to look specifically at the tins to ensure that it is friendly to use. You can't buy petrol based gloss paints any more, but there are many options of light sheen to fairly high gloss available.

The Bed

Buying a bed made from natural materials is always nice, but check out where they came from, too many forests are disappearing around our Planet.

For bed linens, sheets etc., cotton is always best and it's a good thing to try and buy Fair Trade products in this instance. Online Eco Stores usually have good sections on where their products come from, who produced them, under what conditions etc.


This is a very important item. Far too many younger people nowadays seem to be prone to all sorts of respiratory and allegy problems, so it's wise not to have fitted carpets anymore for this reason. Good wooden floors, even varnished floorboards, will give a clearer atmosphere. For comforts sake you can have a Eco-friendly Rug next to your Bed, after all, we want some little treats when we get up!


The Bedroom will probably consume the least amount of energy of the whole house, that's to say if the children don't also use it as a Games, Study Room etc., so like the Living Room, keep it low key and only light where necessary. Adjustable spot lights are great.

Other Accessories

If you like to wake up to the Radio, why not try a wind up Model or a Solar Dab Radio. They're good and extremely energy and eco friendly.

Another idea, maybe as a night light for a kids room or for yourself are sun jars. These are solar powered and you can get all sorts of colours

Decorate your bedrooms with tranquil colours, use eco-safe paints to stencil onto plain walls. If you sleep green, you'll live it as well!


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People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.  ~Leo J. Burke