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Having your new Denture's fitted

It's a Big Day in your Life. Prepare positively and go for it!

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So, you've found the right Dentist, you've come to a decision on treatment and the day of fitting arrives.
For this purpose, I shall take you through my experience, which was extracting eleven teeth and having the new dentures put in instantly

A Good Breakfast !!
I was told by the Dentist to do this - and I'm glad I did. Without putting you off, you won't be eating much for a few days, so choose the food well!
I went for a full English grand fry-up. I made sure on extra bacon because I knew I probably wouldn't eat that again for weeks (true!).
I would then suggest a good walk to get as much fresh air in your body as you can.
It isn't 'last rites, it's just making it a special day!

At the Dentist, no fuss, no delay, straight in and after a caring chat, in go the injections of local anaesthetic.
My eleven were fairly spread out, so what must have been 40 jabs later (only felt the first nine or ten), out came the plyers and slowly but surely out they came.
Needless to say, there's always one difficult one which refuses to let go and it had to be the last as well!!

I was expecting a short delay between having the teeth out and the dentures going in, but no, in they went straight away.

This part is a little hard; you have a numb face, probably bleeding and the most disgusting taste of the jabs going around you.
It's now you'll be asked how they feel!! and a few minor adjustments are made.

This was all done in only 55 minutes. I had a further appointment that afternoon for the Dentist to check out how I felt, where the particular sore spots were.
Again, it's difficult to tell at that stage.

I returned again three days later and again the day after that.
The problem with them is that, because the gums are shrinking from the word go, you can walk out the Surgery feeling good, but find a nasty spot as soon as you get home.

It becomes apparent though that maybe some area's are going to hurt and it's a case of time for it all to settle.

A good breakfast
A good walk
Get someone to take you (not so much the pain, but it's a a kick on your system, (I felt disorientated)
Ask people not to phone you, They're only phoning to listen to your voice!
REST - You're going to feel tired and drained of all energy

A thick tasy soup will be good; not only filling, but helps to take the taste away


Try and get the appointment early morning. Waiting around all day's going to make you nervous

Three hours before...

Three hours after....

The First Night...
It was quite scarey going to bed. You have alien objects in your mouth, still got the local in the system and you get a few negative thoughts on if you're ever going to get used to them
I woke up a few times because they'd slipped, but had a warm drink and got on with it.
Again, it's all about positive thinking


Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he's got it all.
-James Brown


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I went to the Dentist the other day. He said my teeth are fine, but got to have the gum's out Tommy Cooper

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