Downshifting / Downsizing to a simpler & better lifestyle

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Is losing a job the end of the world

Could it be the break you're looking for, maybe yes, maybe no

Maybe I'm borderline on upsetting some people, but I sometimes wonder if the fear of redundancy is blinding us from the chance that this situation could be an opportunity for us to change not only a career, but lifestyle as well - for the better of course..

If you really enjoy your job, wake up every morning, look forward to getting to work and can afford the lifestyle of your needs, then it's great, but the fear of redundancy could be real in your mind. Equally, the fear of it may affect your work and come the day of reckoning, it could be you. But that's negative.
I also respect the fact that some may like their lifestyle and have to have a job which will pay them enough to live it.

In many ways downshifting and redundancy (involuntary downshifting), maybe the kind of blessing in disguise you need.

I sometimes hear the terrible stories of those made redundant and have great sympathy with that, but many will assume the direction of seeking either a similar kind of job or any kind of salaried job to meet their needs. Fair enough, but the latter will only meet their financial needs and not perhaps, job satisfaction.

There are two main parts of out life - work and play. Getting one right is OK, but the one we don't get right will eventually affect the other. Getting both right is ideal, but can it be achieved? This is where 'downshifting' to a more self reliant life could be just the thing you're looking for and often, the fears are less than you imagine.

Where am I coming from ?

I believe that by being more reliant upon yourself, you will unleash talents you never knew you had. Because you have to rely on yourself to pay the bills and satisfy your families lifestyle needs, you will go to many lengths to do so.
In doing this, opportunities will arise and you'll find yourself going into a very diverse self-employment career!

A fine entry into this is odd-jobbing. If you have a few people you work for, sooner or later they may ask if you can do something you've never done before; laying a carpet, building a Shed, putting in a Kitchen, whatever.
You may say you've never done it before (best to), but find you do it with a great deal of success - bingo, another opportunity and another entry in your CV !

With downshifting, I've found there is a need to have diversity in the work you do and a possible need to have a regular part-time job which will at least give you some foundation to rely upon.

I have a summer job at a Cricket Club. It's only about 90 days a year, but it gives me a base and around that, I can do my own thing.
In my nine years of a downshifting experience, I have found quite a number of talents I never thought I had.

This doesn't mean to say you're going to enjoy every job you do. Sometimes it may be necessary to involve the odd nasty job, but see these as part of the great scheme of things, doing these will lead to better things and eventually, will become fewer and further between.

Downshifting to one particular line of work is good if you have the niche and have the market, but a safety net is necessary, again, diversity is the key.

It's taken me 8 years to get things just about right. I can turn myself from doing a PC desk job in one persons house, then going to another to clear up the rubbish from a garden, getting filthy dirty in the process, but it adds to the spice of life.

A lot depends on the area where you live and I respect that many may not be in a situation similar to mine. I'm just really saying, don't see downshifting or redundancy as negative, it could just be the making of you and doesn't always necessarily mean making a reduction of comfort in your lifestyle.


Is it a time to wait, reflect and think positive?

But it's not just about money, it's about losing friends and a way of life


I recently lost my job and two weeks ago signed on for the first time ever in my life.

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Now for years I have been looking for a way out of the rat race and now I might just have found one. I know its not going to be easy and I will have to work hard but I'm fed up with working hard so someone else gets rich so I will do it for my family from now on.

As yet I have not sorted the master plan out but I will. So far thanks to my dad (Bouncy Castles -he already owns some) Hot Tub hire ???? cheap about £300 to buy maybe £100 to hire I hope Seasoned fire wood - as I said I don't mind a bit of hard work and we have the room down the yard for storage

Will be digging a veg patch tomorrow and I have already got potatoes and toms in buckets.

Oh and hopefully after the weekend will have some rescued hens to help with the digging. For me its definitely a lifestyle change and hopefully one where I spend more time with my family.



Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you'll be surprised at how little you have. Ernest Haskins