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A Monthly Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Every month has something to do which will add value to your Vegetable Gardening results

It gives me great pleasure in being able to publish these Month by Month Vegetable Gardening guides by John Harrison.

Not only is he now a best selling Author, he runs the highly successful Allotment Gardening Website and is a personal friend of mine - very useful to have around, especially with techy problems !!

In these articles, John takes each Month step by step with the main jobs to be done. You will see from these that you could quite easily spend 365 days a year outside doing some work or other, indeed, some people do (wouldn't fancy being quite that keen myself though).

An efficiently run Vegetable Garden will reap you a fine harvest and with careful storage, you could have enough to be virtually self sufficient on Vegetables all year round.

Naturally, not all of us are blessed with huge spaces to grow as much as we want, but even the smallest Garden has space for something to grow in. It has already been written that people have been very successful by just growing in Pots, so with a bit growing here and a bit growing there, you'll be surprised at what you can do.

Vegetable gardening is not a fine art, it just requires a bit of basic knowledge, enthusiasm, some physical work and good old fashioned British Weather. By using these guides as a first point, you will be well on the way to your quest for more self-reliance and of course, save you £££'s in the process.

Please bear in mind that timings may be affected slightly by where you live. Those living in the South of England may find they're a fortnight ahead of those living in the Northern areas.


Not always great in January, but rewarding in Summer

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