Have you ever tried to get a good photograph of a Fox? Maybe in Town Centres and Residential Streets with good lighting, but in the Country it’s not so easy unless one condescends to walk across you whilst in a field and then you don’t have the Camera ready!

Vixen Fox marking territory

Today, whilst at my daughter’s house in Netley, I drove the few miles east to Titchfield Marshes Reserve. I was hoping to catch a few last glimpses of some migratory birds or at least a Goldcrest or two
I did see the Goldcrest, flying past at great speed as if to annoy me!

Whilst strolling along to one of the Hides I stopped to take a photo of a Reed Bunting I saw out of the corner of my eye what appeared to be a Dog coming along toward me.
I turned around all set to mention to it’s owner they are supposed to be on Leads only to notice it was a Fox.

Fox sniffing territory    Vixen Fox approaching head on
Walking the gangplank toward the Hide

Well, what a wonderful specimen of an adult Vixen, bright smooth fur and a healthy trot.
I thought it would stop as soon as I raised the camera, but no, she just kept coming, stopped to relieve herself and walked straight past me!
The closest we got must have only been 6 feet or so.

Vixen Fox side view

It’s when you see something like this you stop and think as to why they are so hated. Sure they will kill chickens, but they have to eat, they don’t have the privileges of us humans of things like Supermarkets, or Benefits come to that.
I guess it’s because we don’t eat them, so they have no purpose? But in the Wild they do have a purpose, they will survive, usually by using their brains and let’s face it, how would we survive left in that situation!

Beautiful creatures and hard done by.

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