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Our Forum is a very active one and the likelihood is that your answer lays there within.
Go to 'Search' at the top of the Forum and type in the keywords.
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Again, the Forum is your best starting point. I have not studied Bird Health and do not feel qualified or confident enough to answer any queries you may have. If you are looking for somewhere to buy Chickens or Poultry Equipment, please go to the Poultry Suppliers Page


I acknowledge the 'Capcha' code does have it's off days. Occasionally, the following actions will remedy this....
1. Refresh your Browser a few times
2. Try another Browser (if you're using Internet Explorer, try Firefox etc)
3. Switch the Browser off and back on again.

If all the above do not solve your enquiry, please use the email address below and I will reply as soon as I can - Rest assured I always do !

Thank you..........


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