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Down the Lane and the Media

One day I could be famous !!!


2012 - Above - ITV Meridian 'Sporting Unsung Heroes'

2005 - "ITV Meridian 'Focus' brought out a Documentary and visited me at Canterbury Cricket Ground to do a feature on Downshifting.

2006 - South Korean TV spent a day down the Lane generally as a fly on the wall whilst we went about our business of cheapskating and producing food for the Larder.


2008 - Two appearances here, both for BBC Radio Kent. One on a programme about downshifting and the other as 'Oddjob Man', a phone in quiz to try and guess my job! The link to this is on the right.

Press and Major Websites

2014 - Kent Life article on Frugality (see right)

2013- Kent News - 'Retirement holds no Barriers' & Kent Sports News 'Cannon calls time on Kent job'

2011 - Kent CCC - 'Dickie Cannon cycles to success' (John O'Groats to Land's End')

2008 - A mention in a Daily Telegraph article about downshifting.

2008 - The Independant on Sunday asked for comments on celebs going fruga. Article

2008 - Another mention by the Guardian regarding self reliance in the garden.

2009 - Your Ashford, local newspaper. A feature on me regarding the seeking of a better way of life (link on right)

2009 - Vegetarian Magazine . Double Page Spread article on Keeping Ex-Battery Chickens

2009 - The BBC2 Home Page linked to the Blog Article on 'My ideas for the Dragons Den'.

2006 - BBC Main Web site refers to Down the Lane in a feature article on Battery Hens.

Kent County Cricket Club - A brief Intro on my Job. Click here



Richard Cannon ITV Meridian 'Unsung Sport Heroes

Richard Cannon on South Korean TV
Top - Busy at work (for the Camera!!) and below that, the South Korean TV Team who visited the Lane

Richard Cannon 'Odd Job' BBC Radio Kent

Richard Cannon Kent Life
Kent Life
January 2014

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(I still don't know where they got the Washing Liquid from!!)