General Tips for cutting your Winter Fuel Bills

So, it's the eve of Winter and the summer sunshine is long past us. Nows the time that the financial side gets heavy. In the summer we've blown it on a holiday and in the winter we blow it on the house !

I can't teach people to suck eggs, not my job and I'm no 'expert' on the matter, but it is all down to a teeny bit of sacrifice but a lot of discipline, especially if you have kids who love to wear shorts and a T-Shirt around the home in January !

Here's some general tips from around and about which you can raise at the October'ish Family Meeting !.....

Turn your heating thermostat down by just 1 degree and save up to 10% of your electricity / gas bill

Try heating your home for half an hour less each day, or one hour.

Don't leave TV's, DVD's, Computers etc. on standby mode. Switch them off when not in use. These account for 6% of your bill if on standby.

Keep your curtains shut at night, even with double glazing, this will help

Use your microwave more for the smaller cooking jobs, they use a lot less energy than stoves (70% less !!)

Don't boil water on the stove (unless for constant hot water on the Aga or Rayburn). Boil it in a kettle and pour into saucepan - it'll be quicker and cheaper.

Only fill your kettle with the water you need

Avoid using the Tumble Dryer, but don't hang over radiators, the thermostat works harder

Have a shower rather than a bath. If you have a bath, share it with your loved one !

Fine each member of the family for not turning a light off !

Buy or make a cosy blanket for the sofa, turn the heating down and snuggle up more

If you've a solid fuel Aga or Rayburn and you're not having a bath that day - just keep a large pan of water on the heat all day and use it for Washing and washing up.

Place heat reflectors behind radiators, especially those which are on external walls.

Fill fridges and freezers about three quarters full. This will not overwork the thermostat and will give space for the coolness to get round things quicker/

Check out for grants!!!

Government grants for insulation
Index of local authorities

Methods !!!

Run some appliances from your neighbours shed when they're out.
'Arrange' a power cut just after the kids get home and send them round the grandparents at the weekends!
Buy the kids a camp fire book, wrap them up and send them up the garden.
Tell your friends they can't come round because of the rat infestation
Get your self a good book to read