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Growing Herbs in your Kitchen Garden

The best herbs are the one's you don't buy - you grow them yourself!

Growing Herbs is a really nice way to express your garden and give you plats to add flavour to your cooking and salads. They can be grown in a Window Box, in Pots on a Patio or ready to plant Grow Bag., Put near your Kitchen or Living Room windows, the aroma's will give you great pleasure during the lazy days of Summer!.

Most Herbs are pretty hardy plants so therefore relatively simple to grow. The basic things to remember are the following...

1. It's a good idea to start your seeds off indoors or in a Greenhouse. Once they're established, give it a couple of weeks and move outside. Watch out for late frosts though.

2. Use good organic Compost and add a little Plant Feed.

3. If growing in Window Boxes or Pots, put some broken crocks in the bottom of your Pots before placing the soil in them. This will give them better drainage.

4. For Grow Bags, three plants is usually the given number, but if they're small herbs when fully grown, you will probably get away with four per bag

5. Any plant in Pots needs more watering than one in the ground soil. Be careful not to overdo it though. You can tell if they're not getting enough by leaf colour getting paler or the plant is sagging. Best water late afternoon when the Sun is going diown, watering in the morning of what is supposed to be a hot day will just cause it to evaporate very quickly.

If you're using large Pots, you can try mixing a few Herbs together, this will make for a more attrcative display when grown.

One Herb very simple to grow is Mint, but if you do, I suggest not planting in a Vegetable Bed or anywhere on the Ground, like Horseradish, it is a very evasive plant and will spread further than you want it to and once established, it's hard to remove every bit of root.

So, if you want a few snippits of Herb on a Salad or in your Cooking, what nicer way to do it is there than to just take a few steps out your back door, pick it and eat it! Herbs are certainly something to grow for saving money down a Supermarket where a klittle sellophane bag requires almost a loan to buy it!!