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Info, caring and attracting natures creatures to our gardens

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Garden Wildfife

The wonder of nature on our door step

Nature gives us so many things, it gives us the beauty of scenery through the four seasons, free natural foods but look a bit closer to home and in almost every back garden we have a free Wildlife Park containing hundreds of living species, all of which serve an importance to the natural chain of things..

In this section I have only written about and taken photograph's of creatures who visit my Garden down the Lane. In fact, It has amazed me how many do!.

What doing this has shown me is that so many things have gone un-noticed or I simply didn't have the time to sit, watch and learn about what natural beauty we have all around us, also, through reseraching a few facts, how many creatures are in danger of extinction.

Time I guess to stand up, watch, listen and learn! I've still a long way to go.

Garden Birds
Over 30 pages on most of our well visited feathered friends
Aerodynamic masterminds, their nightime flying a treat
Bee pagesBees
One of human's best friend's supplying us plenty
Butterfly pagesButterflies
Beautiful in Summer inc. 14 varieties Slide Show
fox pagesFoxes
To some a pest, to other's a beautiful animal to know
wasp pageWasps
Wasps are important to our Gardens and other creatures
frog pagesFrogs and Toads
OK., they aren't pretty, but a Gardener's friend!
hedgehog pagesHedgehogs
8 pages on helping this endangoured species to survive
rabbit pagesRabbits
A nuisance to many, but cute to
look at. I'm going soft!
reptile pagesReptiles
The friendly creatures you always just stumble upon
slugs and snails pagesSlugs & Snails
The Vegetable Gardener's enemy, but food to many creatures
squirrel pagesSquirrels
Another nuisance to many, controlling them is key !!

Watch out for more pages to come in the 'More' section in the left hand sidebars of each page.




In order to arrive at knowledge of the motions of birds in the air, it is first necessary to acquire knowledge of the winds, which we will prove by the motions of water in itself, and this knowledge will be a step enabling us to arrive at the knowledge of beings that fly between the air and the wind.
Leonardo da Vinci

Garden Wildlife