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A Summer job and the best job I've ever had!

Kent Cricket Team 2013
Kent Spitfires 2013 (me in middle!!) - Click picture for full size

Life can throw up many surprises, sometimes good and sometimes bad. What it also does is to let you land on your feet once in a while and make one part of it, good to be with.

If you are a cricket fan, if you enjoy watching the game, if you've ever thought it would be great to mix with the greats - you'd be very envious of my job ! Even I'm envious of myself sometimes !

In 2002 I was mainly doing gardening work. This became a bit of a strain on the aging bones and even more of a strain on my finances. I needed 'a base' earning which I could rely on and work the other sides of my life around it etc. I applied for a Stewards job at Kent County Cricket Club and got it. About 5 days a fortnight, about 6 hours a day.

After about 3 weeks I was approached by the then Cricket Manager (now Coach) Simon Willis who asked me if I'd consider being the Dressing Room Attendant. Although the extra hours etc., would affect my other work, I saw this as a real opportunity and said I'd do it there and then.

Needless to say I hadn't a clue what I was letting myself in for, but 'in for a penny'. Basically it involves everything surrounding the Team and Dressing Room, from cleaning to acting as 'Receptionist' for media interviews, team autograph gathering, liaison with Marketing and so on.

In return I get to eat 3 meals a day with the Teams and have met some of the greatest cricketers in living memory. I never thought I'd be chatting to the likes of Jack Russell, Derek Randall, Derek Underwood, Shane Warne and many many others. Best of all though is to be a part of the Kent Team. I'm a Kentish Man, have played cricket for Sevenoaks Vine and it's in my blood.

As far as teams go, I think I've now hosted every International side culminating with the Australia Touring Squad of 2005

Beside all that, there's the comradeship of all the Staff with whom I get on very well. The Ground / Office Staff and Stewards have an extremely 'fun' banter and not a day goes by without some wind up or set up.

At the end of the day, some may say I'm a general 'Gofor', but I am not made to feel one - and I love it !

During a four day game I will average about a 14 hour day and when a side has a big name player causing a delay in starting my after match duties because of signing autographs etc., I will put the camp bed up in my little room and stay the night! But even that has it's good things. You wake up at 6.00am, there's no one about and the ground has a peaceful fresh look to it. Time to contemplate and do a little thinking about anything.

So, life has been good to me as indeed a lot of people have. It's a grand job with lots of extras.

From top to bottom; Australians Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie.
Australian fast Bowler and legend Mervyn Hughes.
Shane Warne
Geoff Arnold, now Bowling Coach at Kent and bottom, with Kent Scorer Jack Foley in the Lord's Dressing Room


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