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A guide to Ashford in Kent

Famous for it's Railway history and Market

Ashford in Kent should not be confused with Ashford in Middlesex. Too many people have brought the wrong train ticket and wondered where their friends were to pick them up.

For most people Ashford is a town on a road sign and seen out of a car or train window travelling somewhere between 70mph in a car and a 160mph on a Eurostar Train.

However, just of late, due mainly to the opening of the Channel Tunnel and Ashford International, the town has attracted many new business's.
This has brought about huge new build homes all around the town.

Many major Retailers have moved into various Business Parks, but none bigger than The Designer Outlet, one of the biggest in the Country.

It has become a very important 'trading post' for the Continent and the Lorries and Trucks on the M20 Motorway are a reminder of this.

Luckily, most of the developments have stayed within a fairly close proximity of the Town and the Countryside around has not been too infected by the rush for commercialism.

A testament to it still being a rural town of sorts is the enormous Market run by Hobbs Parker where there are many Car, Antique, Household, Livestock, Farm Equipment auctions. They also run two Boot Fairs each weekend and host any number of Computer Fairs and others of the like.

It may be changing by the minute, but it does offer quite a lot to younger families seeking employment in a fast rising place.

A town with a history of Agriculture and Railway, Ashford is at last starting a re-birth to it's old glories.
Messed up with bad planning post 1945 up to a few years ago, the boost from the International Rail Link is showing it's potential for Business and Residential expansion.
Most of it good, but not maybe all!


Ashford in Kent