As we go further down the scale of saving money, where have we found to date a vehicle which will take you from A to B in the most literal sense? A car will get you to a Car Park where you have to find a space and pay for it. The Moped will get you to the Car Park quicker and you probably won't have to pay

The bicycle however, may take your journey time longer, but it's from outside your back door to as near as it usually is to the Shop you want to go to.

If there is something under used in this country, it's the bicycle. Sure, it can be harder physically and you have to have eyes in the back of your head, but most local authorities are taking note of the 'green' needs (even if it is political) and supplying us with more and more cycle paths to get you around in a lot more safety than a few years back.

With the rise of car ownership in the 70's, the adventure bikes started rolling in with the BMX's and of the like

But like vegetable gardening, nowadays often a fashion / relaxation or organic quest but years ago a necessity - the bicycle is the same.

A bicycle isn't just saving you money, it's environmentially friendly and is keeping you a bit more trim at the same time.

There is nothing more pleasant than on a fine morning to cycle up to the local newsagent to buy your Sunday paper, finding a nice gentle scenic route. Nicer if it's uphill going and downhill coming back!

You have time to stop and ponder a good view, have a chat with someone, look around other peoples gardens for ideas (!).

I was cycle only for about 10 month's. I still managed to do my oddjobbing. I had a luggage rack on the back with a box screwed to it! With that and a backpack I could get around with sufficient tools to do all kinds of DIY type and decorating jobs - albeit not a ladder and lawnmower of course!

Sure it wasn't such good news on a rainy day, but you adapt to it and as long as you dress well, it's OK. Remember, most Train operating companies accept bicycles on their trains for free, so you can take your bike almost anywhere.

The most paramount thing about cycling is safety of course. A good High visability vest and helmet are essential. There are some good guidelines on the Highway Code website here.

With bicycles available brand new at well under £100 nowadays, it's a decent clean form of transport which will soon pay back your initial outlay

Bicycles are not for just old
poor people
& geeky
people -
are for everyone!

Good for your health and heart
Cycling reduces the risks of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure by as much as 22%
Weight Management
A 15 minute cycle ride x 5 times a week can burn off the equivalent of 11lbs of fat per year & meets Government targets of 30 minutes exercise per week
It improves your moods
Moderate forms of exercise are known to reduce your levels of depression and stress & relieve symptons of PMT
There can also be indirect benefits in terms of reducing injuries from falls, which can be seriously disabling, especially in older people.