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Tips for a greener Bathroom

One of the biggest energy waste places in the Home!

The Bathroom / Toilet is probably the room we spend the least amount of time in, yet environmentally wise it can be the most wasteful.


In some ways, the Water Companies introducing the Meter have helped in so far as it is making people think again about the amount of water they are using.
Make sure your taps aren't leaking, a leaking tap could waste anywhere from half a litre to six litres of water a minute and with water resources low, this is something we have to pay big attention to.

Bath and Shower

I think we have all had it drilled into us that by showering we are saving loads of water, the other argument being that by having a bath, we are simply sitting in our own dirt anyway!

Modern Showers are extremely eco-friendly and you can now get a ShowerSmart for free - this regulates the flow of water and calculations are that the energy saved in both fuel and water is upwards of £30 a year! (You can get one from the Tesco Going Greener site here)


Most modern Cisterns have two flushes, basically a quick one (for 'normal use') and longer flushes for the 'you know what's!

Some Water Companies are now giving away a small device (such as a 'Hippo') for free. Contact your Supplier and find out if they do. This could save you another £20 per year with average use.


There are many eco-friendly and organic products on the Market, they're sold both online and in Supermarkets. When thinking Soaps, Powders, Shower Gels, Deodorants and more, consider this. It's a changing culture and it's us who's changing it!


Tile as much area as you can afford keeping the decoration the lightest colour possible - this will save on lighting bills

The Dripping Tap - buy a washer now !

It's the water that counts!
Don't throw it down the....

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