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What don't we need around the Home?

Look around and ask yourself 'what if I didn't have this'!

Although this section is written with slight tongue in cheek, there is some reality in it. One only has to go back in time 50 years or so and we didn't have hardly any of the everyday 'essential' items we have now, in fact some of these have only appeared in the last twenty years with technology taking into an almost frightening unknown of the future.

If something's costing you money and you want to look at that with frugal eyes - do you cut back or can you simply not have that item altogether?

What savings could we make without them?

Here's some pages to ponder over.....

Do we need a Car?

To some essential, to some maybe, to some just a luxury. Do we need two cars and if we do, what for?

Un-necessary Kitchen Appliances?

Many of these are simply built and designed around a modern lifstyle which demands speed and efficiency, but are they really necessary?

Around the Home?

The list is endless, but I've chosen a few to get us thinking. What would life really be like without a TV., or an Electric Blanket - is it the end!

Life without a Mobile Phone

Is there a need to speak to people ad-hoc or send text messages at 200mph and annoy other people sitting on the bus, a train or in a Cafe?

The Garden Power Tools

We mostly lead a busy life and anything to save us time is worth it. In the Garden,is no exception but did our Grandparents and Great Grandparents have these luxuries. They survived !

What don't we
really need?
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