The Romahome R10 one person Campervan

The Romahome R10

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The joy of the Romahome R10 is that if you enjoy going away on your own, it has everything you need literally at your fingertips, or to put it bluntly, within arms reach! The reason I brought it for myself is that 1. I always go anywhere alone and 2. […]

Southampton back to the future

One of the reasons I enjoy visiting Southampton isn’t to see how it has progressed with modern easy flowing shopping centres, good one way traffic systems and general accessibility, it’s to see how it has captured it’s past and is actually using it to make things how they were some 100 years ago. …

At last, a fast train !

For many years, indeed, back to the age of Steam, train travel from Ashford to London at it’s fastest has been around 1hr 10mins. Commuters have sat through slam door trains which have had to last 40 years and travellers making their way to Northern parts have had to suffer the long slog and a […]

Rail Fare increases – more than just money!

. So here we are, 2009 and at only the beginning of a Credit Crunch. To counter lost sales, most Retailers are turning to discount simply to get people through the doors. The Railways however have a different slant – put fares up and move the goalposts on times allowed off-peak cheaper travel. Travelling by […]