Mods and Rockers – a blast from the past

Mods and Rockers

  “Are you a Mod or a Rocker?” was quite a common question at School, College or the Workplace during the mid 1960’s. Unless you were covering it up though, it was reasonably easy to tell. Mods had short hair, Rockers had long hair combed into shape with Brylcream or of the like. Mods would […]

The Manfreds 50th.Anniversary Tour 2012

I first saw ‘Manfred Mann’ as they were then at Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall way back in 1965. It was at the time ‘Come Tomorrow’ was released, their 7th. single and 5th top 20 hit. From then on, both with Paul Jones then Mike D’abo as lead singers, they managed another 15 singles with 3 […]