Growing up in the 50's and 60's

What it was like to be young in the 1950s and 1960s - Into the 60s

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Into the 1960's, the decade of change

After a decade of 'black and white', things got colourful

At the turn of the decade it was like the Country and the rest of the western world was sitting on a time bomb.
Anyone under the age of 21 was born either during WW2 or after it. The 1950's hadn't seen a great deal of change due to re-building  Establishment, Careers and Housing.

The late 50's had seen some rebellious goings on. Rock and Roll arrived from the USA sparking off leather clad teenagers going over the top at Bill Haley Concerts etc.
But all this was really the calm before the Storm. The times were ready for change and when it came in the early 60's, all manner of things broke out!

An early sign of the culture to come was the Government lifting the ban on D.H.Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'. Needless to say there was a message in this. Stop people having something and as soon as you change your mind - it'll sell out - which it did!

Following a few Countries taking it upon themselves to test run H-Bombs, many decided in 1958 it was time to act. We were fed up with 'What to do in Nuclear Attack situations' clips on the TV and to a young person, it could happen any day.
The world had gone mad; the Iron Curtain was tight and The West v The East was rapidly making the nightmare of War a reality.

So, in it's third year, the Aldermaston March became over 100,000 people strong.
Many at that time praised Harold MacMillan on his quest for peace, but we now know the wrangling's behind the scenes were not exactly what the public conceived! His famous speech 'The Wind of Change' was made in 1960.

Then came Gary Powers, the American Spy Plane Pilot, being captured 'red handed' by the Russians and was imprisoned.

In America, Kennedy just beat Nixon in the Presidential elections.

A new decade! What was coming? As a 12 year old in 1960, I was looking for places to hide in the garden and lived every day as my last.

This was the mood of the young people. It was time for change, time for saying "No" and time to be heard and boy, was that to happen!

The writing was on the Wall!


We've never had it so good"
PM Sir Harold MacMillan
But the future looked blue

and at home, Sarah and Mark (no.s 4 and 5) were growing up as I did in the 50's

The first No.1 in 'The Hit Parade' of 1960 was Emile Ford singing 'What do you want to make those eyes at me for'
The last No.1 of the 1960's was Rolf Harris's 'Two Little Boys' (Oh dear!!)

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