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Nature's Free Gifts - Foraging for free food

Nature has an abundance of free produce for us

Even if you're not as frugally minded as some, there is much to get out of the Countryside. There's the beauty for a start and every season in our climate has its good days when everything seems just right and at ease with itself.

Even when it's not to our pleasure, it often is to all that's around us.

Then there's the food we can make from it as well. Nature put itself there, as it did us and the two should combine to look after each other. Unfortuneately nature has done it's part - but have we?

So, without having to decimate what the Earth has given us, we can make the most of what's around us and if we're sensible, nature doesn't mind one bit. There's always enough for most creatures to survive on.

I've purposely only included the popular subjects focusing on what 90% of us have something of somewhere close to our home, or maybe on the side of a road and what better way to spend a summers day than having a drive, returning home with some foraged fruits!

Also, I have ot included wild mushrooms, I leave those to the experts on the subject, don't want any emails from those with upset tummies !

All plants, birds, bushes etc. in this section are all within a half mile radius of my home


Horseradish - always a favourite, but you need to be fit to dig it !

Nature's Free Gifts