Storage Not Wars UK style


My son and his partner are just moving out of their old place and have a while to wait for something new to come along.
They told me that in the interim they’d be storing their belongings in a large Storage place on the outskirts of town.

Although I don’t have SkyTV at home I do watch the American ‘Storage Wars’ programme on the History Channel now and again and went along quite gladly to compare it to those in the USA.

The first difference was that in the programme they all drive up to these places in soaring heat, today, the end of June, Ashford reached the dizzy heights of 18 degrees.
Off to a bad start.

Surprisingly I found it to be almost a carbon copy of what I’d seen on TV, long corridors of yellow doors and the occasional person wheeling up their diverse array of things to store like Model Train Sets, about 200 electrical sockets, old carpets, mattress’s etc.

It has been alleged the programme plants certain things inside the Lock Ups before the Show, if they do, fair enough, still entertaining with typical American style extreme characters out to get each other and the want of competition – second place is a loser!

I also wondered how many over here know ‘an old Buddy who happens to know a lot about 16th. Century Dog Statues and the like.

I must say that walking into one for the first time is like walking into a Doctor Who set or something out of futuristic factory farm hospitals, the long narrow corridors which bring about thoughts of what’s around the corner at the end. It’s a maze of identical lines where if you forget the way you went in, you’ll never find your way out.

I looked inside my son’s locker, what would I bid? There were one or two obvious things to give me a clue, obviously a person with an Office, an X-Box, loads of boxes and some items covered in an array of old sleeping bags.
Ah., fairly well off bloke, no furniture to see if there’s a wad of banknotes inside. The Boxes? hundreds of Video games, maybe the odd Gibson Les Paul under one of the sleeping bags, maybe even a John Constable under the first item seen, obviously put there because of it’s value.
Blimey, bid two grand on this one!

I should go on a UK version of Storage Wars if they ever make a series, guaranteed to lose my vast fortune in less than two electric saw cuttings of the lock!

Interesting though and “DON’T FORGET TO PAY THE LADY” !

Any programme that makes you smile has to be a good programme.

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