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Attracting Bees & other Insects to the Garden

Make your Garden more wildlife friendly in easy steps

As discussed on the general Bees page, they along with Wasps and virtually all Insects are vital to both our Garden and external environments. By encouraging them to take up home in a place which will supply food and pleasant surroundings is ensuring they not only have a future but benefit us as well.
The Law of the Jungle rules and allowing that is what we all need.

The Video below is from BBC Gardener's World in September 2014. It features a visit to the garden of Bridget 'Bea' Strawbridge who many will know was a mainstay in the 'It Isn't Easy being Green' series a few years back.

Since then Bridget has become a respected authority on Garden Wildlife and other Green issues. Her enthusiasm and passion for making our Gardens a better place to be a part of is quite unique I think - big subject in layman's terms.

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See more at the Bridget Strawbridge Blog

"Pests" are only pests to us, not to many creatures, flowers, fruit and vegetables which rely on them.




The Ladybird - not always welcome indoors but a friend outdoors

Ladybird resting on Leaf


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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