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Bats, the night time Visitor's

The amazing creature welcome in any Garden

Noctule Bat flying at night time
Photo: 'Noctule Bat' flying past my Bedroom Window © Down the Lane

To many, Bats are either seen as ugly scary looking creatures and / or associated to Horror Movies.
Fair enough, to most they aren't exactly the most handsome of creatures but their benefits to us and our environment are huge.

Bats have been around for several million years and have developed into quite a high tech creature. Feeding on Insects they will fly around in sharp amazingly tight circles at high speed sending out a kind of radar ultra sound wave (very high tone squeaks) ahead of them. Should there be an insect in that area, the sound will bounce back at them and the Insect is taken within a second.

The fact that Bats eat Insects once again brings to the fore a case for using less Insecticides in our Gardens; the fewer insects, the fewer Bats - like so many of Nature's Creatures, their numbers are in decline.

All British Bats hibernate. During the Winter they will find a cool and humid place to settle down.

In Summer they tend to use such places as Barns, Tunnels, Bridges and crevices in House Roofs. Their natural habitats are Trees.

To attract Bats to your Garden, grow some highly perfumed Flowers such as Honeysuckle. These attract Insects, so nature's chain continues onwards.

Bat facts; They are not blind as many suppose, they have eyesight all be it not very good. They are the only Mammals to have proper wings. A Bat can reach speed of 20mph still maneuvering as it goes.

Bats are a protected Species under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

For further information or should you find an injured Bat, go to the Bat Conservation Trust Web Site




Bats are definitely Worldwide - here's some I saw in central Kathmandu in 2013. They were sleeping in a tree high above a very noisy dusty street!

Bats in Tree - Kathmandu

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