Kent Cricket at Tunbridge Wells

Watching Kent play cricket at Tunbridge Wells is as good as it gets

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Kent cricket at The Nevill Ground

One of the most beautiful settings in English County Cricket

There are two 'Weeks' I enjoy the most through the summer, Cricket Week at Canterbury and Cricket Week at Tunbridge Wells.

The Nevill Ground at Tunbridge Wells is set in, for want of a better word, a Posh area!
Nestled in amongst beautiful houses, surrounded by huge matured Rhododendron Tree's, it's a stone's throw from the famous Pantiles and the fixtures are set around what should be some of the hottest days of the year. In six years of doing my job, I think we've probably only lost a total of about six hours play.

From a working there perspective, the Staff supplied by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council are the best and most helpful you could wish for.
All in all, Tunbridge Wells wants and welcomes Cricket, something which Players, Staff and the watching Public recognize.
It also offers easier access to those living in that part of Kent and is usually scheduled for Half Term week encouraging many hopeful youngsters along.
For the 4-day matches, attendances are on a par with Canterbury and being a smaller Ground, the noise is usually more!

From the Dressing Room Attendants point of view, I have to say that life is a bit easier than Canterbury, but to avoid any bosses reading this and finding me extra duties, I will say that it's more difficult on size and places to store stuff!

I'm sure that many other people working in County Cricket Clubs will agree that fixtures on the 'out Grounds' are logistical nightmares and the Public probably have no idea of the weeks of planning which involves moving virtually a whole Club, with the exception of the Pitch, to another place.
The main two nightmares are in the Maintenance and Catering Departments where Advertising Boards, machinery, computers, Ovens, Fridges, Tables and chairs etc.etc. have to be transported - then taken back afterwards for the inevitable game three days later!
Then there's the Shop and about 40 Staff.........!

Having early starts, the Shop Staff, Chief Stewards, Maintenance Crews and myself are lucky enough to stay in a Hotel whilst there.
This always adds to a 'working holiday' feel and a few frolics to match, although, working late, I usually miss out on a lot of them!

Naturally the amenities are not on a par with a full time Cricket Ground and what I find the most amusing is the siting of the Scorers.
To give them a quieter spot (or as I say 'keep them out the way!), they are in what is a Garden Shed on the Roof of the Pavilion.
I keep on saying to our Scorer Jack Foley that he could take some Tomato Plants along with him for a late Spring kick.
I should add that by saying amenities are not on a par, I do not mean they're not up to scratch, because they are and everyone is well looked after.

So, it's nice that other County towns and smaller cities can entertain County Cricket.
For Tunbridge Wells folk, it gives them the opportunity of seeing First Class cricket along with International Stars on their doorstep.
In season 2007, Kent played Hampshire in a one day game and it was good to see the hundreds of people waiting for Shane Warne's autograph at the end. Although I know he had an appointment that evening, he still stayed behind ensuring that no one went away without a signature, a photograph, a shake of the hand and a moment to remember.

If Heaven copy cricket grounds from England - this will be one of them

It always seems to rain for days before- then we all get sunburnt!

The beautifully placed Scoreboard

Ex Pirate Radio, Radio One DJ legend, Andy Peebles broadcasting for Lancashire

The Dressing Room may be a bit tight, but I don't de-hydrate!

Scorer Jack Foley (right) with John Hook supplying scores around the Web

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Getting there...
By train to Tunbridge Wells then a 30 minute walk or Taxi.
By Bus The Main Bus Depot is quite a way, so change there for a bus to the Pantiles, then walk.
By Car . See Map


The local game had been a bitter affair, with neither side giving anything away and an unusual amount of hostile bowling. Several injuries were sustained, and after the game one of the batsmen was seen pacing up and down the pitch.

'Ah, I see you're reliving the battle,' said the groundsman.

'No,' said the player. 'I'm looking for my teeth'