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1950's - The Influence of the Royal Family

The gradual change into a more modern era

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd., although sad by the fact that her Father King George V1 died of Cancer in 1952, came at a very opportune moment in post war Britain.

The Royal Family seen as the 1950s

The Country was still going through rationing and the after effects of rebuilding and a fear of other conflicts to come all made for a somewhat grey outlook to many. We needed something to cheer about, something with colour and pageantry. On 2nd. June 1953, we got just that.

For those of my age (5 years old at that time) we saw a new beginning, someone to look up to and respect and even though there may be some things nowadays which make our eyebrows turn upwards, most of us still do.
Also, the fact that Elizabeth's children at that time were also 'baby boomers' after the War and much as much the same age as many more children.

Schools, Clubs and families would look upon the Royals as their foundation, a kind of distant yet close example of what we and our Country stood for. This would also reflect amongst the Commonwealth Countries during the 50's, but for reasons financial and natural want of their Independence, would come to an end for many. The days of 'Empire' were rightly coming to an end.

At that time TV's were few and far between, so they were more seen in Cinema Pathe News films, Newspapers and Magazines - a Royal Tour to wherever in the World would be headlines. Come TV and the Tablid Press, all would change.

Throughout the 1950's, if you went to the Cinema, at the end of the evening following the closing titles, the National Anthem would be played and well forbid anyone who tried rushing out before it. You would stand in your seats and respect what it meant. Sure there were some Republicans about, but it was a rare event for someone to get out quick.

In the late 1950's we became quite influenced by things such as 'Teddy Boys' who were largely influenced by American Rock and Roll Music and this started to bring about a slightly more rebellious mood amongst the youngsters. Suddenly, as soon as the closing titles came up about half the audience would do a runner and not be deterred should they be slightly late in doing so and keep moving whilst the Anthem was being played.

The playing of the National Anthem in Cinemas finally died out in the early 1960's, again maybe influenced by the new music (British this time) and want for 'revolution'.

But for me personally, as the photos from my Scrapbook show on this page, they were a major influence on how I looked at the World around me.

I never thought I'd never see them, I thought I'd never see Mount Everest, but I have - didn't know it then though !



Queen Elizabeth Scrapbook photo
The Queen often portrayed in her 'just like any other person' mode

Royal Family 1953
Artistic Licence of a 5 year Old Scrapbook Kid !!


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