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1960 - News and Entertainment

'The wind of change' in more ways than one

Everything about the year 1960 seems to suggest 'something waiting to happen'. It could have been good and it could have been bad.
Above all, there was an air of expectancy and new hope, but the coming years were going to be hard going, there were threats of war and the people eventually got together and through music and entertainment, the people started fighting back !

Main news Stories 1960

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan makes the Wind of Change speech for the first time
60,000 protestors stage a demonstration in London against nuclear weapons
Elvis Presley returns home from Germany, after being away on duty for 2 years
The United States announces that 3,500 American soldiers will be sent to Vietnam
Wolverhampton Wanderers win F.A.Cup
A Soviet missile shoots down an American Lockheed U2 spy plane; the pilot Francis Gary Powers is captured
U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy becomes President of the United States
Francis Chichester first to sail around the world solo
The 1960 Summer Olympics open in Rome
Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) wins the gold medal in boxing
Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong-Jone
Nuclear Sumarine 'Dreadnaught' is launched

Years top selling Album (UK)

Film Music from South Pacific

Years top selling Single (UK)

Elvis Presley - 'It's now or never'

Best Movie Oscar

Ben Hur

Best Actor Oscar

Charlton Heston - Ben Hur

Best Actress Oscar

Doris Day - Pillow Talk

At the Cinema 1960

Swiss Family Robinson, Spartacus, The Alamo, La Doicae Vita, The Magnificient Seven, Pure Hell at St. Trinians, The Time Machine, Psycho, Polyanna, The Lost World

People born in 1960

Nigella Lawson, Prince Andrew the Duke of York, Mick Hucknall, Ian Hislop, Hugh Grant, Jonathon Ross, Kim Wilde, Gary Lineker, Carol Vauderman, Jeremy Clarkson, Gary Rhodes, Colin Firth, Damon Hill,


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UK Singles - No.1 hits 1960

Starry Eyed - Michael Holliday
Why - Anthony Newley
Poor Me - Adam Faith
Running Bear - Johnny Preston
My old man's a Dustman - Lonnie Donegan
Do you mind - Anthony Newley
Cathy's Clown - Everley Brothers
Three steps to Heaven - Eddie Cochrane
Good Timin - Jimmy Jones
Please Don't Tease - Cliff Richard
Shakin all over - Johnny Kidd & the Pirates
Apache - The Shadows
Tell Laura I love her - Ricky Valence
Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison
It's now or Never - Elvis Presley
I love you - Cliff Richard


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'The wind of change is blowing through this continent, and whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. We must all accept it as a fact, and our national policies must take account of it. Harold MacMillan'