karen's chicken diary

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Re: karen's chicken diary

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Another sad post - we lost Pokey on Tuesday {cry} I knew she was ill and had been out of sorts all year since her last moult (she never really recovered full vigour) but went rapidly downhill this last week. Luckily she was enjoying life and had good quality of life pretty much right till the end, just the last few days when she really deteriorated. End of an era with Dory and now Pokey gone. I've buried her next to Dory and Coco underneath the gooseberry bushes.

The other 3 are fine, all seem to be getting alone nicely although Matty does come in for some bullying as she is definitely botttom hen. I swear I've seen Bluebell peck Smudge away from food, but that could be my imagination - I can't believe Bluebell is top hen, no way Smudge would be having that! Pokey and all my pevious top hens would not allow their positions to slip away unchallenged. I think she just gets over excited with special treats - they are all loving the windfall apples, and Bluebell even gets up onto my knee to eat one, as does matty.
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