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If you're buying plastic feeders or drinkers, remember that during very cold weather, they will go quite hard, so scraping the ice out of them could cause them to break

If you use a bucket for their water and if that ices up, try floating a table tennis ball in it, that should bobble around a bit and give them at least some access for drinking.

During hot wather, drink is most important, so if you have more than around four chickens, make sure you purchase a large drinker or two smaller ones.Information on feeding, plus a Down the Lane Video, can be found in the Feeding Chicken page.

Chicken Feed Thieves!

It's always best to try and keep your Chicken Feed in one place if possible. Many people like to throw the Feed around the Run but this is often making it much easier for the occasional Rat to pop in and have a feast.

Mixed Corn often attracts wild birds into the Coop, so keeping the feed under cover will help no end.

Avois getting the feed wet. This will only make it stick to the bottom of the Feeder causing you more cleaning and possible ill health to your Flock.

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