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Self Publish an eBook or Paperback

Publishing a book for free using the Internet

'Everyone has a Book inside them' is a well known saying, many people do have just that but up until now have been put off by finding a Publisher, getting it accepted or when self-publishing have been put off by costs and the knowledge on how to do it.

What do you write about?

Before we go into the how to part let's stop and think about what we could actually write about.
Well, the answer is really anything from Childrens Books, Fiction or a Hobby / interest we are involved in.

If you've got a few years behind you (that's polite for getting on a bit) have you a story to tell? many of us have had interesting experieinces both good and bad through our lifes so why not change the names, add a bit of poetic licence and write a Novel.

How many times have we read Childrens Books and thought we could do better ourselves....do it!
How many of you keep Chickens, give them a name each and conjuer up some adventures amongst themselves, with Predators and the 'silly humans who live in the big Coop down the end of our Garden'!!

Non-Fiction for many is easier though, we all have hobbies and interests from Model Railways, Dolls Houses to Cycling, Ski-ing and whatever.
Obviously, the mnore niche it is the better, but think about what you read and how easy it was to find information when you took your particular interest up.

The openings for publishing your own book are quite endless!

Free Self Publishing eBooks

There are many larger Website Companies which will publish and advertise your Books for free. Obviously, there is no such word as free and these Companies have to make money, so they make it by taking a commission from each one you sell.

The larger they are the more they have the capabilities of marketing it for you and selling through the right channels.
You say the price you want to sell it for and they take their cut.
The more they sell, the more they make, so the incentive is there.

Free Self Publishing Paper Books

Technology has moved on at such a pace lately, no longer do Publishers have to go through all the process's of finding an Auther, agreeing to puiblish then take a guess at the amount they need to print and where they're going to sell them.

It is now possible for you to write your Book, submit it and should someone buy one, they can print a copy and send it to the Customer the following day.
Amazon have a product called 'Createspace' and they do exactly that,plus of course you get listed on Amazon.
If you have a book about say 'Gardening on Roof Tops', should anyone type that into a Search Engine, there's a good chance your book will show pretty high up.

Think on it, it's a few weeks hard work maybe with the occasional blank moments, but after that it is literally sitting back and waiting for some cash to come in.


Research is essential !!

How long should your book be?

As short or as long as you want it to be really and a lot depends on what you're writing about.
300 pages about keeping ducks at the end of your Garden would be excessive whereas that number of pages may not be for a history of Duck Keeping in England!

Think of your own reading habits, what you tend to look for and how long your favourite books were on any particular subject.

Just as an example, this article has 676 words in it, probably around two pages of a book at 12pt, it's not a concise detailed plan for you, but hopefully it's getting a message accross that you can earn money from your own particular talents.

Who knows, a good seller may lead you on to other things, a Publishing Company may come forward with a commission to write a book and that dream of a book signing in Foyles is one step closer!

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