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Earn extra money from your Vegetable Garden Produce

Selling at your Garden Gate for cash !

Vegetable Gardeners, either with a garden patch or Allotment will tell you the amount of seeds you get in a packet is usually way above their own families needs.
The more frugal types will of course grow as much as they can and store for winter, also making Chutneys and Relishes etc., so why not use this as an extra form of income?

Selling garden produce at gate

There are many vegetables which you can grow in big numbers in relatively small spaces; Runner Beans, Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions, Beetroot, all ideal ingrediaets for some lovely Sauces.

Selling vegetables on their own is similar to selling your Chicken Eggs at the gate, except with Hens there are 'official laws' to state they must be fed only with Poultry Feed and not given treats.
As far as I know, no one has ever been challenged with the above. Maybe if selling at Boot Fairs but that's about all.

Vegetables do not appear to have any laws attached to them. The only thing I would say it is unwise to call them 'organic'. By calling them that, you are open to challenge and maybe get caught out on some small print somewhere.

Selling vegetables on their own will not make you a lot of money. Sure you'll get some profit after covering the cost of the seeds, but by making products from them will produce more cash.

If you have an average size Plot I would not tend to make too many different types, stick to two recipes maximum.
By doing that should someone want to try a bit, you can have a couple of jars you kept for yourself standing by.

From my Vegetable Patch, around 20 feet square, we will usually be pretty much self sufficient in vegetables for about ten months with some spare and have enough left over to make up to 20 jars of Chutney or Relish.

As a guide line (look at photos of my Vegetable Patch in the Gardening pages), from the Gate we make around £25 and from Chutneys etc. about £50.

What you sell them for is entirely up to you of course. A good look round Supermarkets and Farm Shops is a good pointer.

£75 may not seem much, but that has come surplas to your own needs, you're not wasting anything and £75 will buy the rest of your food for maybe up to two weeks if it's just two people..

It's the pennies which make the pounds, Doing this isn't really a lot of extra work.
Have five more little things going like this and it's £375 !



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