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A few more work ideas

Supplementing an income or a change of Career


Become a Football Referee or Cricket Umpire. It's not very well paid, but if you love the sport, you get expenses, a match fee and free food.

This naturally applies to semi-pro or professional levels, but they're always short.
Another avenue is a Cricket Scorer.

Many Football and Cricket Club's have seasonal work ranging from Stewarding to Catering.
Ask at your nearest Venue for details.

PS - It's often good for free tickets to big games!


If you have a really niche interest and hobby (such as Chicken Keeping), many Organisations are open to approach from people willing to give a talk at their Meetings.
Schools are always interested in Adventurous type presentations etc.
This will obviously mean sharpening up the communication and speaking skills and maybe putting together a PowerPoint Presentation.

But, the work is there!

Know about Chickens? Give lessons on keeping them!


One thing I've found doing my oddjobbing etc. is that people will pay for you to visit them, even if they have very little for you to do when you get there.
In other words, they're paying for your Company, a chat or even driving them down to the Superstore.
There are no secret agenda's, some peole are lonely or just prefer someone who isn't family or close friends to be with.

You can approach this kind of work by advertising yourself as 'Oddjobber, prepared for any kind of work' and see what comes up.


Many people move to a new location and don't know where anything is, even thing's like Schools and Council Office's etc.

You could approach this by taking Business Cards to local Estate Agents and tell them what your sevices are.
This would be on the lines of driving them around the Town, showing them the Shops of interest, short cuts, explaining how certain thing's work in that town and generally introducing your town to them.

The main thing's are;

Look at work you could do just as well which others charge say £200 per day and you'd willingly do it for £100.
Think Niche all the time - this makes you a specialist.
Market yourself. In business terms you are a product (not a number!!)


Watch programmes like 'The Dragon's Den'. Some of the best money making idea's come from personal experience of the thought 'I could do it better than that'.

Even the smallest idea, when you get it - write it down.
I've gone to bed and thought a great plan, then woken up to find I can't remember what it was !

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