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Re: Barney

Post by albertajune »

It must be so confusing for her to suddenly be rehomed. You know dogs better than anyone Wendy so I'm sure that with your understanding she will settle down quite quickly. Have a lovely life together and shame about a photo. The easy to use sites seem to have shut down.
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Re: Barney

Post by Spreckly »

How is your little dog doing now Wendy?
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Re: Barney

Post by wendy »

She is taking a little time to settle. But she was vey loved, I think so is missing her Mum.

She is a fussy eater, first one I have had. Will only eat cooked chicken. But getting raw chicke at the moment, with all this madness. Is very difficult.

We will get there, give her time. She is very sweet.

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Re: Barney

Post by Gwenoakes »

Even if she takes her time in settling, Wendy...…… big deal not with you as her new mummy. {hug}

Sorry about this, Wendy totally off topic, but there you are Spreckly. I have been wondering if you were OK . Glad you have come back to the forum. {hug}
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