Eye Problems

A few headaches with ageing eyes

There's no getting away from it folks, every time we eat our breakfast, we're a day older than the last one and out body, in time, reminds us of this.

Like many other ailments, parts of our body get worse, not just because of age, but because of over use, abuse and sometimes un-necessary strain.

This especially relates to the eyes in many ways. Not wearing sunglasses on hot days, not having the TV correctly positioned, not putting out reading glasses on when we should etc. Most of all, not having our eyes tested on a regular basis.

A good example is that I had a CRT (bulky) monitor. Because of the size of my desk, my eyes were no more than about 12/14" away. Using the PC quite a lot, I gradually developed really sore eyes. I brought a Flat Screen Monitor which tucked itself about 30" away and the problems gone!
Kids are brought up on PC's, so will grow with them better. For a lot of us, it's something we've only got into after 50/60/70 years old.

So there are many things we can do to prolong the effects of ageing eyes, most of which can be rectified by Eye Specialists if caught in the early stages.

Here are the common problems...

General 'focus' deterioration - This is a natural process common in almost everybody and is helped by visiting the Opticians yearly for an eye test.

These are those little dots and tadpole like shapes which are constantly in your vision and caused by age. They are especially noticeable when outdoors and looking at the sky.
These can be accompanied with flashing lights, bit like shooting stars.
The cause for this is general degeneration of the eyes, but occasionally be an early warning of a detached retina which has to be treated straight away.
So should they get very suddenly worse, see your Doctor

Dry Eyes is a condition where the tear glands are not creating enough liquid for the eyes and keeping them lubricated. This causes itching and needs to be treated by a GP.

These are just a few I have looked into and should you have any problems, it is always advisable not just to read about it, but to take positive action by getting things seen to. Your Eye test will include tests for Glaucoma etc., and they will have a good examination of your eyes to see if there are any problems.

Don't delay - if you haven't been for an eye test in over one year - do so now.



As with anything, if in doubt, ask your Doctor for advice.
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